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From Sam’s Shop ……

Hello All,

November will be the last and best general meeting for 2018. We will be giving away the proceeds from this year to the various nonprofit entities we all support. The Christmas party in December will be the last official conflagration of our club for the year, so I hope to see you all at Nottingham's for that event. The Club still needs to fill a few committee/Board vacancies filled; Raffle Chair, Classic Lines Editor, Sunshine, and Vice President. I hope that the giveaway can inspire some of our members to take a more integral role in the non-profit we all enjoy supporting. Thank you for what you do for the valley and the Big Bear Lake Antique Car Club. The Board meeting will be on 11/5 at Denny's at 6pm. I would like everyone to remember our mountains aren't funny they are hill areas!



If you know anyone who may be interested in BBLACC, invite them to our next club meeting. If you would like to have an application or two on hand, I always have some handy at our meetings. You can also print copies from our website. Hope to see you at our meeting!

Member application form here.

Janet Dupre

The Phantom of the Lake

The Phantom wants you to know that WINTER is coming! It's time to add Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer to all gasoline engines. Also, now is the time to check your snow blower (belts, etc)-- better now than in 25 degrees in a snowstorm, right? Also, the Phantom recommends you add Sta-Bil to generator gas tanks, both in the garage and trailer, as well as in your motor home. While the newer motor homes are fuel-injected, generators still have float bowls. If all your gas engines have Sta-Bil in them now, they will start more easily next season.

The Phantom


Nothing going on with Sunshine. I guess that’s good. Everyone healthy. On another note: all cards for November, and December are done, including envelopes and stamps. Listings and addresses up to date. Piece of cake for next lucky Sunshine Person.

Pat Miller


Hi everyone, our annual charity giveaway is Monday Nov 12th. We will have heavy appetizers like we did last year. Food will be ready at 5:30 and the giveaway will start at 6:00 upstairs at Nottinghams. Our regular meeting will begin after, or about 7:00. If you have nominated an organization please inform them of the time and date. They need to be present to receive the contribution. See you then!

Lynn Fowler

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