The 2018 Fun Run was our 29th annual show, held on August 10th 11th and 12th.

A big Thank You from all of us at the Big Bear Lake Antique Car Club to all of you in attendance! We had a great time!

Cruise Around the Lake Event:

The Cruise goes West from the Village entrance on Hwy 18, across the Dam. Turn right on Hwy 38 and go through Fawnskin. Continue on Northshore, turn right on Northshore lane, pick-up their mugs, and turn right on North Shore (Hwy 38) to Stanfield Cutoff and turn right, go across the cutoff to Big Bear Blvd. and turn right, and back to the Village.

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Bartlett Lot

Click here for downloadable/printable Bartlett Lot image.

2018 Rule Additions:

Due to insurance liability issues, the follow new rules are being enacted for Fun Run 2018. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

1. No vehicles will be allowed entry after 9:30 AM or exit before 3:45 PM from designated show area. There will also be no vehicle movement allowed (i.e.: pin stripping appointments, etc.) within the show. Medical emergencies will be the only exception, see the information booth to make arrangements.

2. Burn outs will not be allowed within the show area or on the cruise around the lake. Failure to comply will result in not being allowed to participate in future shows.

3. Pop-ups are not to be set up in assigned/numbered parking spaces on the streets or parking lots. They may be used on sidewalks, and dirt/open areas where space allows.

4. All pop-ups must be weighted down to protect cars and participants from damage and injury caused by movement from wind.

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