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The Big Bear Fun Run™ is a multi-day car show held in the Village of Big Bear Lake California. The event includes about 500 show cars on Saturday and a Sunday morning drive through awards presentation. The Fun Run is always held the second weekend in August. The streets are open only to spectators.

There is no admission fee for attending as a visitor. Please come and enjoy the event!

The Cruise is no longer considered part of the Fun Run, so you enjoy it at your leisure.

New for 2024.

We have added an "exotic" car category. Follow this link to read the exotic car policy.

Schedule Summary 2024


Volunteers will be setting up Bartlett parking lot, cleanup and marking parking numbers. 8 AM until done.


Entrant check-in in Bartlett parking lot. 10 AM to 5 PM.


Cars can enter at 7:30 AM. We can't let cars into the car show earlier as volunteers are still marking parking locations and numbers.

The color coded card you receive in your packet indicates the entry gate you must use to get to your parking space - one-way only.

Volunteers will direct you to your space.

Late arrivals can register by 9 AM. Otherwise, spaces will be assigned to entries on the waiting list. Entries close at 9:30 AM.

Judging starts at 9:30 AM. Award winners will be notified by 2:30 PM. There are 70 winner categories.

The optional Cruise around the Lake starts at 3:30 PM. Follow directions in the foldout in your packet. Please, be patient and courteous to other drivers.


Awards Ceremony starts at 9:00 AM. You must be present to win! Engine drawing follows the Awards Ceremony; winner need not be present as info is on back of ticket.

Info for Entrants

You will receive an email that your entry has been accepted.  Check in at registration will be by your last name. At registration you will receive your packet that will have your parking number assignment. You will also receive your goody bag at registration.

The colored parking card indicates which entrance you need to use to park your car. Refer to the map in the packet or look at the large map on the command center in the Bartlett parking lot. The colored parking card is required to enter the Village Saturday morning - no exceptions.

Red-Bartlet north, White-Pine Knot north, Village Drive-east.

The entrances will be manned by Civil Air Patrol volunteers who will check your card. Then Interact volunteers will direct you to your spot. The roads in the Village close at 9 AM.

Traffic direction in the Village is one-way only. Depending on your location, you will either park parallel to the street or park at a diagonal. Back-in only for diagonal spots. This sets everyone up for easy exit from the show.

Please register on Friday. Registration is possible on Saturday, but you must park outside of the Village and then walk to registration in the Bartlett parking lot to get your packet. Be sure to do this early if you choose to do this. You must be registered to enter the show at the correct entrance by 9 AM. The north parking lot is accessible via Cottage Lane and can be used as temporary parking so you can walk to registration. After registering, you must exit the lot to the north to proceed to your respective entrance.

There will be colored balloons at each entrance to help you see the entrance from afar. If you arrive at the wrong entrance, you will be directed to drive around to the correct entrance.

Friday: if you can't make the show on Saturday, please contact the Fun Run Chairman to offer up your parking space. There likely will be people on standby for a spot. Please note that there are no refunds for your entry fee.

Saturday, 9 AM: spaces for no shows may be available for people waiting for a spot. People getting a spot must fill out a registration form and pay the entry fee.


Judging starts Saturday morning at 9:30 AM. There are 70 awards to be handed out for multiple categories. A car can only win one award. (BBLACC members are not eligible for these awards.) Be aware that judges must walk the entire show to see your car and others.

After all cars are reviewed, judges return their results to the Chamber meeting room, where the results are tabulated. By about 2:30 PM, the judges will return to the winners to let them know to come to the Awards Ceremony Sunday morning. If you leave early for any reason, you may not receive notice of your award. Awards will only be handed out at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday morning.

If you can't attend the Awards Ceremony on Sunday morning, please indicate that on your parking card so that another entrant can get the award.

There will be a People's Choice award for BBLACC member cars. These cars are parked along the north end of Bartlett Road. Voting for the People's Choice award closes at noon.

Cruise around the Lake - OPTIONAL

After exiting the car show, entrants can decide to cruise around the lake. The cruise is on longer sanctioned by BBLACC but it available at the discretion of each entrant.

The Cruise goes West from the Village entrance on Hwy 18, across the Dam. Turn right on Hwy 38 and go through Fawnskin. Continue on Northshore, and turn right on Northshore Lane (Hwy 38) to Stanfield Cutoff and turn right, go across the cutoff to Big Bear Blvd. and turn right, and back to the Village.


Awards Ceremony

Awards will only be handed out at the Sunday morning Ceremony in Bartlett parking lot. You must be present to win. Please arrive early Sunday so that the winners can be aligned by award number.

Awards will be handed out by the award's sponsor if present. a nice touch is that each winner receives a long stemmed rose in addition to the award trophy.

Info for Spectators

The show is open for spectators on Saturday, from 9 AM until the cars exit at the showabout 3:30 PM. There is no spectator parking in the Village as Village Drive, Pine Knot Avenue, and Bartlett parking lot will only be open for walking.

Weather is usually warm in August, but there could be thunder showers in the afternoon.

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Awards Ceremony Sunday morning

The Awards Ceremony, in Bartlett parking lot, is not just fun for the winners. We will have bleachers set up for spectators. Come out and cheer on your favorite car! Awards Ceremony starts at 9 AM. We plan on having a singer for the National Anthem and a color guard to honor our flag.

Info for Volunteers

Please arrive on time for your assignment. Volunteers are needed from Thursday through Sunday. See the work list posted here.

All volunteers will receive a coupon for a T-shirt. Meal tickets are also provided based on your assignments throughout the day. Redeem the meal tickets at food vendor.

There is parking for volunteers in the Cottage Lane parking lot to the north of Murray’s for Saturday. You must have a Staff Parking permit to park in this lot. Staff Parking permits will be handed out atvarious times during the show - see the ticket meister..

Volunteers enter the volunteer lot from Big Bear Blvd via Cottage Lane.

Club Parking

For Registered Cars, the Fun Run committee will try to park you with your car club and/or friends, provided you have completed information on the registration form. However, we will be unable to guarantee any request to park your group or club in a specific space or location. Your best chance to get a preferred space is to be prompt when you return the application. All spaces not claimed by 9:00 AM Saturday are subject to reassignment. Trailer Parking is made available - ask for a map from the Fun Run Committee.

Bartlett Lot

Fun Run Rules:

The following rules are in effect for all Fun Run events. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

1. No vehicles will be allowed entry after 9:30 AM or exit before 3:30 PM from designated show area. There will also be no vehicle movement allowed (e.g.: pin stripping appointments, etc.) within the show. Medical emergencies will be the only exception. There is a medical tent near registration to help wiht emergencies..

2. There are no refunds after the posted date. Consider you will have made a donation to one of the organizations supported by BBLACC.

3. If you are unable to make the show with your registered car, please let the committee know so your spot can be assigned to someone else. In no instance can you park your tow vehicle or daily driver in your assigned spot. (You will be asked to remove that vehicle to make room for someone on the waiting list.)

4. Burnouts will not be allowed within the show area nor on the Cruise Around the Lake. Failure to comply will result in not being allowed to participate in future shows.

5. Pop-ups are not to be set up in assigned/numbered parking spaces on the streets or parking lots. They may be used on sidewalks, and dirt/open areas where space allows.

All pop-ups must be weighted down to protect cars and participants from damage and injury caused by movement from wind.

If you've got a photo/video gallery (including YouTube) from the Fun Run or other BBLACC event you'd like to share, send the link to us and we'll show it on this site! Thanks!

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